The one tool YOU need to increase your profits now
with JGID: swiftly produce consistent quotes
accept immediate authorisation signatures on the mobile
manage jobs & projects
handle multi staff & project scheduling
create swift deposit, progress, stage & completion invoicing
automate WHS compliance
organise document management
integrate directly with Xero etc.
State of Art CRM client database
encrypted data
hosted and secure in Australia & much more
Just Get It Done

JUST GET IT DONE: Industry Leading Business Management Software

JGID is a powerful, efficient business management solution for service-based, specialist SMEs. Developed in Australia, JGID is a versatile and intuitive software that enables professional service providers to streamline their processes. Managing administrative and financial details is an essential part of your day-to-day, but with software like JGID, you can feel confident that these are under control, leaving you to focus your energy on the work at hand. Created for service-oriented businesses employing staff of 1-100, JGID offers greater control over every aspect of strategic planning and implementation. From invoicing to time tracking, this job management software will revolutionise your business.

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Manage with ease

From enquiry to quotation; from job scope to WHS; from scheduling to invoicing & more

Get on-site training

Personalised for your business; industry-specific; on site or remotely via screen share

Work anywhere

Be in control of your business 24/7, from your phone, tablet, or computer

Jim Hill, Nepean Solar Solutions

I have found JGID to be a very good tool to assist with my on-site staff management, particularly the access to pertinent information remotely from the office, the ability to have all documents flowing freely between the staff and clients on-site and the administration has really helped my team help my business efficiencies. Thoroughly recommend JGID for any contractor that has staff working out on-site

Michael Chan, Operations Manager, Abseilers United

Everything was intuitive, made sense, and 'under one roof'. My quotes, invoices, time sheets, calendars, all work with each other and are so quick and easy to find. It's simply a great time saver.

Ben Galbraith – Business Manager – Spidertech

As a management team, we now have key business information at our finger tips. The software allows us to do our work, no matter where we are, whether we are in the office on our computers, at a job site with an ipad, or checking our phones at the airport. I particularly like how we can take a phone call and log new jobs on the fly, or progress a job through the workflow with whatever device we have at hand. Moving to JGID has been the single best business decision we have made in recent times.

Brad Palmer, Managing Director, Brad Palmer Plumbing

It's having such a positive impact on me, my business, and the way we operate. Now I can do everything on the go and don't have to worry about piles of paper work to go through once I get home.

Ben Galbraith – Business Manager – Spidertech

Moving to JGID has been the single best business decision we have made in recent times. JGID is a modern cloud-based workflow software system that is tailored to our industry, and it just works.

Andre Quin, CEO, JGID Pty Ltd

Our goal and primary purpose of being in business is to improve life as a whole for everyone and everything that comes into contact, directly or indirectly, with any of the products or services of the JGID Community.

Luke Goleman, Director, Goleman Group NZ

After years of searching and several failed attempts to find a job management system that works for our business, we implemented JGID. From the introduction, to the implementation the crew at JGID have been knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond. Hands on, working on the system throughout the implementation
helped shape the system to suit our team. We love the program, we use it to run our business.

Ben Galbraith – Business Manager – Spidertech

JGID, It’s the cloud-based workflow software equivalent of XERO, delivering substantial efficiencies with a clean modern interface. The fact that JGID is available, affordable and specifically designed for SME’s in our industries is pretty amazing.

Moving to JGID has been the single best business decision we have made in recent times.

Luke Hunter – Operations Manager – Ropetek

I spent a long time searching for new software that would help me take the company forward, I trailed a bunch of programs but they just didn’t fit. I was then told about JGID and I was super impressed! Everything is done through the one program. All my quoting, invoicing, scheduling and the automated WHS compliance is awesome!..
It's all so easy to use.
Business Management Software Overview

JGID Business Management Software: Automate Your Admin, Simplify Your Life

  • Reduce paperwork & automate repetitious admin tasks
  • Save time: get your personal life back with this all-in-one job management software

  • Celebrate increased profits and better financial transparency

  • All project stages managed: from enquiry to JHA, job stage, invoicing, and more

  • Personalised training that matches your specialised industry needs


JGID job management software is ideal for all service industries. We offer a range of packages that are designed to suit the size and needs of your SME. Check out our current pricing and request a free demo to experience JGID in action.